Garramool Joey Scouts

(6 – 7 Year Olds)
Tuesday Nights from 5.45pm – 6.45pm

It’s your Hop into Scouting!

Our aim is to provide a safe, fun, learning environment for young boys and girls, from 6 to 7 years old, and to be the very first link in a path to adventure and fulfilment through Scouting.
A trained Joey Scout Leader guides a Joey Scout Mob of up to 20 boys and girls as they learn to share and care for each other in a social environment. Scouting extends each child’s understanding of the world around them, by actively encouraging the Joey Scouts’ involvement with that world. Joey Scouts experience the world around themselves, by doing, rather than just being taught. They develop an understanding of the impact of our modern world, and themselves, on the environment.

Do you know how to cook chocolate spiders or make frog puppets? Can you build monsters and spaceships from scrap items? Have you ever grown a plant or hiked in the bush?

These are all things you can learn when you are a Joey Scout!

Joey Scouts are boys and girls aged six and seven who like having fun and making friends!

When you join Joeys you’ll be part of a Mob. You’ll play games, read stories, sing songs and do craft activities.

You’ll find out about nature and learn about native birds and animals.
You might fly a kite, go bushwalking, go to the beach, or visit a fire station, zoo or farm.

The Joey Scout motto is HOP – Help Other People! You’ll learn to jump in and HOP, and to share with your friends.

You’ll also learn heaps of useful stuff, like what to do in an emergency.

When you join in different activities and learn new things, you and your mates in the Mob can earn special badges to sew on to your Joey Scout shirts.

Joey Scout Uniform Badge Placement (Old Program)
Joey Scout Uniform Badge Placement (New Program)
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