Our Scout Group

Are you looking for opportunities to experience fun, awesome adventure, action packed activities, challenge yourself or just try something you never done before? Then Scouting at 1st Croydon Hill’s Scout Group is just what you are looking for. We have an enthusiastic group with Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers, catering for all youth aged 6 to 26.

At 1st Croydon Hills we endeavour to offer fun, interactive, engaging and challenging activities that any youth will rave about. Scouting offers so much more than the myth of tying knots, camping in old tents or helping old ladies cross the road. At 1st Croydon Hills we don’t just debunk this myth, we BUST IT!

Take a look at our calendar of events to find out what’s coming up. If seeing is believing, take a look at our gallery to see photos and videos of members on recent activities. You’ll be amazed at what Scouts do these days. It’ll take your breath away.

In Scouting you can be involved in just about anything, from performing arts, adventurous pursuits, to Australian and international events. Along the way you will have plenty of opportunity to make heaps of friends. After all Scouting is the original social networking!

New member inquiries are always welcome. We invite you to come along and check us out over three free sessions (Parent involvement is always welcome too). Contact us if you have any questions.

For Membership or other enquiries please  Contact Us.